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Review Archive – Tellurium Q

Audiophile: Silver Diamond Speaker/XLR

January, 2019|Audiophile|

Mono & Stereo: Statement Cables

January, 2019|Mono & Stereo|

HiFi Philosophy: Black Diamond Digital RCA hf

January, 2019|HiFi Philosophy|

Pursuit Perfect System: Black II Speaker Cable

January, 2019|Pursuit Perfect System|

Tone Audio: Ultra Blue Speaker Cable/Statement Range

December, 2018|Tone Audio|

Sound Stage Australia: Silver Diamond Speaker Cable

December, 2018|Sound Stage Australia|

HiFi+: Statement Cables

December, 2018|HiFi+|

HiFi World: Perfect Statement

December, 2018|HiFi World|

The Audiophile Man: Silver Diamond Cables

November, 2018|Paul Rigby|

HiFi Pig: Ultra Black XLR

October, 2018|HiFi Pig|

Pursuit Perfect System: Silver Diamond Waveform hf Digital RCA/BNC

September, 2018|Pursuit Perfect System|

HiFi Review: Black Power Cable

September, 2018|HiFi Review|

Pursuit Perfect System: Black Diamond Speaker Cable

July, 2018|Pursuit Perfect System|

Paul Rigby: Silver Diamond Waveform™ hf USB Cable

June, 2018|Paul Rigby|

HiFi Choice: Black Waveform™ hf Digital RCA

May, 2018|HiFi Choice|

Audio Azimuth: Black II

May, 2018|Audio Azimuth|

Hi-Fi HiEnd Test: Statement

April, 2018|HiFi HiEnd Test|

Audio Stream: Black Speaker Cable

March, 2018|Audio Stream|

Audiophile Videophile: Silver Diamond

February, 2018|Audiophile|

Mono & Stereo: Statement

February, 2018|Mono & Stereo|

HiFi Knights: Silver Diamond hf

February, 2018|HiFi Knights|

Darko: SIlver Diamond USB hf

February, 2018|Darko Audio|

HiFi HiEnd Test: Silver Diamond Speaker Cable

February, 2018|HiFi HiEnd Test|

Stereophile: Recommended Components

February, 2018|Stereophile|

HiFi Knights: Silver II

February, 2018|HiFi Knights|

Stereo Times: Black II

January, 2018|Stereo Times|

Hiendy: Ultra Blue

January, 2018|Hiendy|

Premium Sound: Blue, Black/Black II Speaker Cable

December, 2017|Premium Sound|

Paul Rigby: Silver Diamond hf Digital RCA

November, 2017|Paul Rigby|

Nerds DK: Ultra Silver USB

September, 2017|Nerds DK|

High Fidelity: Black II Speaker Cable

August, 2017|High Fidelity|

Hiend News: Silver Diamond Speaker Cable

June, 2017|Hiend New|

HiFi Choice: Black II

June, 2017|HiFi Choice|

HiFi World: Back In Black

May, 2017|HiFi World|

HiFi Pig: Silver Diamond Speaker Cable & Interconnects

March, 2017|HiFi Pig|

Paul Rigby: Silver Diamond DRCA

January, 2017|Paul Rigby|

Mono & Stereo: Black Diamond / Silver Diamond RCA & XLR Interconnects

January, 2017|Mono & Stereo|

HiFi Pig: Silver Diamond Speaker & Interconnects

January, 2017|HiFi Pig|

Sound Rebels: Silver Diamaond Speaker Cable + XLR

December, 2016|Sound Rebels|

Image HiFi: Ultra Black

December, 2016|Image HiFi|

Audio Video: Black range

December, 2016|Audio Video Online|

Tone Audio: Product of the Year 2016

December, 2016|Tone Audio|

HiFi World: Silver Service

December, 2016|HiFi World|

HiFi+: Silver Diamond Cable System

December, 2016|HiFi+|

HiFi+: Awards 2016, Loudspeaker of the Year

December, 2016|HiFi+|

What HiFi: Ultra Black Speaker Cable

September, 2016|What HiFi|

Mono & Stereo: Ultra Silver Power Cable

August, 2016|Mono & Stereo|

Alpha-Audio:17 High-end Audiolinks

July, 2016|Alpha-Audio|

Audio Stream: What A Difference A Cable Makes

July, 2016|Audio Stream|

Paul Rigby: Ultra Silver Speaker Cables

July, 2016|Paul Rigby|

Head Mania: Ultra Black Speaker / Black Diamond Interconnects

June, 2016|Head Mania|

AV Premium: Silver Diamond Speaker Cable

December, 2015|AV Premium|

High Fidelity.pl: Silver Diamond Speaker Cable

November, 2015|High Fidelity|

HiFi Choice: Ultra Blue Speaker Cable

November, 2015|HiFi Choice|

Mono & Stereo: Silver Diamond RCA / Ultra Silver USB / Ultra Silver RCA / Bi-wire

October, 2015|Mono & Stereo|

HiFi World: Precious Diamond

October, 2015|HiFi World|

HiFi World: Best Loudspeaker 2015

October, 2015|HiFi World|

Mono & Stereo: Ultra Silver Digital RCA / System Disc

August, 2015|Mono & Stereo|

Fidelity Online: Ultra Black Speaker Cable

July, 2015|Fidelity Online|

Audiophile: Black Phono RCA

July, 2015|Audiophile|

Nomono: Ultra Silver Digital RCA / System Disc

July, 2015|Nomono|

HiFi Pig: Black Diamond Speaker Cable

July, 2015|HiFi Pig|

Tone Audio: Silver Diamond Speaker Cables

June, 2015|Tone Audio|

HiFi Pig: System Disc

June, 2015|HiFi Pig|

AV Premium: Black Diamond

June, 2015|AV Premium|

Mono & Stereo: Silver Diamond Speaker Cable

June, 2015|Mono & Stereo|

Sound Rebels: Silver Diamond

June, 2015|Sound Rebels|

HiFi World: Silver Service

June, 2015|HiFi World|

Mono & Stereo: Black Diamond Speaker Cable

May, 2015|Mono & Stereo|

High Fidelity.pl: Ultra Silver Speaker Cables

April, 2015|High Fidelity|

HiFi World: Soundbites

February, 2015|HiFi World|

HiFi World: Tony Bolton’s Last Column

February, 2015|HiFi World|

6 Moons: Black Diamond

December, 2014|6 Moons|

HiFi Pig: Blue, Ultra Blue and Blue Diamond

November, 2014|HiFi Pig|

HiFi+: Digital Cable Range

October, 2014|HiFi+|

HiFi World: Ultra Blue / Silver Speaker Cables

October, 2014|HiFi World|

AVTech Media: Best USB Cable 2014/2015

August, 2014|AVTech Media|

HiFi Pig: Ultra Silver Speaker Cables

June, 2014|HiFi Pig|

HiFi World: Black and Blue

June, 2014|HiFi World|

HiFi World: Best Loudspeaker 2014

June, 2014|HiFi World|

HiFi Pig: Ultra Black Interconnects

April, 2014|HiFi Pig|

Stereo Life: Black Diamond DIN

March, 2014|Stereo Life|

HiFi Choice: Blue USB

March, 2014|HiFi Choice|

HiFi World: Diamonds are Forever

February, 2014|HiFi World|

High Fidelity.pl: Black Diamond Speaker / RCA / Black Power

January, 2014|High Fidelity|

HiFi Choice: Blue Speaker Cable

July, 2013|HiFi Choice|

HiFi Pig: Ultra Black Speaker Cable

February, 2013|HiFi Pig|

HiFi World: Blue Power Cable

January, 2013|HiFi World|

HiFi Pig: Black Loudspeaker Cable

November, 2012|HiFi Pig|

HiFi World: Black and Blue

November, 2012|HiFi World|

HiFi World: Cable Q

October, 2012|HiFi World|

HiFi World: Cable Q

October, 2012|HiFi World|

HiFi World: Totally Wired

March, 2012|HiFi World|

HiFi World: Q Here

September, 2011|HiFi World|

HiFi+: Cable of the Year 2010

November, 2010|HiFi+|

HiFi+: Ultra Black Speaker and Interconnects

October, 2010|HiFi+|

HiFi World: Soundbites

August, 2010|HiFi World|

Hifi Journal: 360 Degree Product View

March, 2010|HiFi Journal|